The community association attorneys at Smith Knowles are dedicated to better serve the specific legal needs of community associations throughout Utah and Idaho. Whether you are a board member, manager, developer, or homeowner, you can rely upon our dedicated professionals to timely respond to your concerns.

Our services are transparent and affordable, including both hourly and flat-fee arrangements. As a full-range HOA firm, our expert team provides comprehensive services for associations both large and small, ranging from representation in complex litigation matters to advising and resolving minor disputes among community members. We also assist board members and managers to successfully meet their fiduciary obligations and carry out their ever-changing responsibilities.

Some of the specific services provided are:

  • Governing Document Review, Analysis & Amendment - We have years of experience analyzing, drafting and amending association documents such as: Declarations (CC&Rs), Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, Rules and Polices. We will review your existing governing documents with accuracy and efficiency. Whether your association needs an opinion letter, brief amendment or complete overhaul of the governing documents, our attorneys can provide the expertise needed to ensure that your documents are compliant, understandable and enforceable for years to come.
  • Enforcement of Governing Documents & Association Rules - Timely and consistent enforcement of association covenants is crucial to maintaining a peaceful and productive community. Our attorneys can assist with the enforcement of covenants, assessments, fines and other declaratory relief to ensure that your covenants achieve the desired result of maintaining consistency within your community.
  • Corporate Governance & General Counsel - We can help you have efficient and productive meetings and guide you with your association's corporate existence and management.
  • Collection of Delinquent Assessments - Assessments are critical for the proper functioning of any association. Unfortunately, associations inevitably find themselves dealing with some owners who refuse to make timely payments. When such situations arise, our collection attorneys can help associations recover the amounts due, whether by letter, complaint, lien or foreclosure.
  • Financial/Reserve Analysis - Our team of qualified professionals is ready to offer guidance and assistance where needed to achieve a functioning budget and reserve analysis in compliance with the law.
  • Contract Drafting, Review & Negotiation - Our professionals can help your association understand its contractual relationships, draft contracts with vendors and managers, and assist in negotiating services for your community.
  • Mediation of Disputes - Whenever possible, our attorneys will facilitate a fair and speedy resolution of disputes in an effort to avoid the costs and stress of litigation. In addition, our attorneys can act as impartial mediators to resolve a dispute between the association and owner.
  • Developer/Builder Representation & Assistance - The issues facing a developer or builder in constructing a new development can seem endless. Our attorneys can help navigate that process.
  • Construction Defect - Our attorneys are experienced in all phases of construction defect ligation, providing a balanced approach to resolve issues with respect to construction and/or developer disputes.

Community Associations (HOA) Attorneys

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